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Travel holiday part 2

Yups ... Now is the time to tell my trip from Jakarta to Surabaya. Hmm ... Should we start it! okay!

We departed from Jakarta, precisely at 10 morning. We begin our journey with songs that ... yah ... You could say, my favorite. I started to lay myself on the mattress that has been provided for me in the back of my car and singing along to the rhythm and lyric. Sometime later during the afternoon and entered the highway, I'm getting sleepy and my eyes open then closed again, and so on. Finally, I began to sleep soundly, even though the volume of the music was so loud. I was awake. I felt I just fell asleep about 15-20 minutes. But, you know? I slept more than 1 hour. Ouch ... I'm really confused because when awake, the dark sky made my head hit the ceiling of my car. My head feels very sick and dizzy. I like flying some where. "What's that noise?" Asked my father. Apparently, our car stopped because my sister and my mother stopped at a shop to buy drinks and snacks. "Ah .. That's fine. I just hit the ceiling of the car!" I said quietly. "Oh .. So, be careful" My father said, laughing. I just smiled, stroking my head that had been hit.

It was now 12 o'clock at night. We are looking for a hotel to stay in Pekalongan. Finally, we get a pretty decent hotel. Although less good, because the air was cool, I so fell in love with the hotel. What's more, there is a picture of puppets, which became my favorite. I was so tired and I immediately fell asleep.

The next day, we woke up early because we have to Sahur to continue fasting. After dawn, we returned to our room. I fell asleep again after a shower. After that, we immediately departed. We went on a long journey. Then,
we turn on the music again....

Moments later, we arrived in Surabaya. I stayed at my Mom Brother house during the day, after that I was staying at the house of another brother, and still in Surabaya during the day as well ... I played with cousin brother named Taqi. He always spelled like me, or even practically a twin to me. I'm very upset, but finally, I laughed too. Oh yes, there are the stories ... At that time, I was playing badminton with Taqi. Suddenly, the ball came into the house. We took it hard. Eventually it could, however, we were almost caught. We immediately ran away. We laughed loud in front of his house. "What is it? Why are you laughing so loud" Ask my sister. we can only answer "hahahahahaha ......"
Baca secara fonetik

I really enjoyed my trip to Surabaya. I want to stay in Surabaya. However, I can not. We must continue our journey. Goodbye ... Surabaya ...

* The story, like in the movies ..*

Travel holiday part 1

Ah ... Vacation is almost complete. I have to pack up again for school. The days will run as usual. I'll be a lot of homework and assignments. No more playing games. I've got serious on my studies.

Hey ..
Speaking of vacation, I'll tell you about my holiday trip. Starting from my home in Jakarta that the arrival of my cousin, the trip from Jakarta to Surabaya, from Surabaya to Cilacap, and my return from Cilacap arrived at my house.
Baca secara fonetik
Now, we start from the arrival of my cousin to my house. My cousin came to my house named Amanda and Kiki. Amanda's younger than me. She was in fifth grade while I was in sixth grade. and her sister, Kiki is still first class. Amanda and Kiki was the daughter of my father's brother. I used to call my father's brother called Uncle Erry. Well .. My uncle on this one, very similar to my father. Not from his face, but from nature. Its funny, naughty, well ... sometimes makes people happy. Oh ... Too many stories. Let's start now.

I can not wait for the arrival of my cousin's. I kept waiting and waiting. Until I fell asleep in the chair. Finally, I was awakened by the noise of my sister who opened the door. My cousin came! I quickly got up and welcomed. Luckily I had not overslept. If I overslept, my cousin must have seen me sleeping with a mess on the seat. If my cousin saw me like that, surely I'm ashamed. Before long, uncle and aunt were watching television, while Amanda and Kiki playing UNO in a room, and my sister playing a computer. I'm lonely. I like standing in the middle. Do not know which one must participate. I went to my sister. She said. "Hey .. Play with Amanda and Kiki. They've come all the way, and you even ignore," she said. I went to their room with a frown. But, after playing with them, I was enjoying and happy. Add a long time, I grew close to them. I do not feel awkward anymore. One day, we went out to break the fast together. We ate at a place that is good enough. I sat between Kiki and Amanda. Kiki and I ordered the same meal. We played together in a short time.

Kiki is very happy playing with my sister's cell phone.
She likes to photograph other people. Me and Amanda are always in chase to be photographed. However, we do not want to. So, we call her 'Paparazzi'. If Kiki has been pointing the camera at us, then we'll yell, "Oh .. No! Paparazzi!". Kiki would only laugh if she got our photos. It is time we got home. Before leaving, we had time to get around the mall about 5 minutes and returned to the car to go home. Arriving at the house, the three of us a.k.a Amanda, me, and Kiki, return to play. This time, we played cards. We play pat mosquito, so generally people of Indonesia call this game.

The next day, I woke up. I looked around my bedroom. There was no one's there. I was alone. I immediately looked at the clock. I was immediately surprised and said to myself, "What? At 10 Morning!" I hurried into the room where my clothes are. Can also be called Walk in Closet. I immediately entered the bathroom and shower as fast as I could. Casually, I went downstairs, as if I was awake an hour ago. In fact, I woke up about 5 minutes ago. What a lie that can not be covered. My sister immediately knew I'd just wake up, because my eyes are still red because I'm still sleepy. "Hey, you! Just getting out of bed, huh?" said my sister. "How do you know?" I said. "Your eyes are red!" She said with a smile. "You had a shower yet?" She asked again. "Sure!" I said. She laughed. Well .. Should we just skip this debate ..
I was playing with Amanda. But Kiki did not participate, because when she awoke, she was sick with a fever, then she slept again. Me and Amanda play on the internet. In gaming sites, there are games like secret agent who must solve the problems. However, we never succeeded. We also give up and play another game. Until such time as Amanda and her family to go home .. Uh, wrong. Actually, they were to Jakarta to stay a while and after 3 days 2 nights, they went to the house of my grandmother and my grandfather used to call Uti and Kakung. Later after I returned from Surabaya, I will be going after to Cilacap.

So, the story of the arrival of my cousin has been finished. Holiday travel stories proceed to 'Travel vacation part 2'
Argh .... I'm very annoyed. All my friends away from me. Nobody wants to play with me. Actually, there are some kids who want to play with me. But .... For some reason, (I will not mention her name) did not want to play with me. If I approached her, she would go away. When I greeted her, she will be turned away. I am very sad. I always wanted to cry. But, I'm also ashamed that I cried in public and my friends. More than anything else .... I was already in sixth grade. It must be very embarrassing if I cry just because a small problem.

I do not need to discuss issues like that again. But I did want to discuss the issue, because I want to have friends to talk about a sad and enjoyable experience.

Well ... I will continue the story.
During this fast, I must remain patient. But, after a long time is difficult to restrain my anger. Fortunately, I did not vent my anger at her. If I'm mad at her, my teacher would yell at me. So the story ...
had my friends were playing. She also joined. Now, before playing, I asked permission at my friends ..
"I may come into play, too?" I told them. Others are silent. While she answered.
"NO! You are not allowed to play!" She said firmly. I also walked away. I sincerely whatever he did. However, if every day like that, I was upset too at last. There is also another.
I was playing with my friends, and of course she was also involved. I asked....
Can I follow-up?" I asked.
"Ask him" my friend said.
"Ask him" She replied like that. As a result, I kept in such order. I was very upset. So, I will walk away.
"If not I'm also not allowed to play, anyway," I said, walking away.
My friends looked at me with surprise. I know I'm selfish. However, I am very upset for their actions. So, I will not play with them.

Well ... That's experience. Hopefully this does not happen to you. Sorry for my mistake if it were the words wrong. Do not forget ... Comments!


I miss you my friend.... =(

BINTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG................ Where are you? I realy miss you. I hope you alright. Are you sick? I'm sorry i can't visited you... PLEASE COME BACK..... HUAAAAAA..... HUHUHUHUUHUHUHUHUHUH................
Akh.... Lebay...... Mmm...  O... Bin, I'm realy nervous today... I can't tell you... Sorry... Tomorrow i will tell you... Okay??
 Ukh... when i was eat a chicken, it's  taste bad.... really bad... it's not spicy at all.. Beuh... It's taste sour... Bleah... Wuuu.... The Ice cream it's really good... Hmm... i want eat that again... And the puding it's good too... wow... i like it... But i can make it too... If you don't believe, come to my house. I will show you....
Ahh.... That's it... Good bye...
One word: WEIRD...

Lovely Day!!!!

Yay... I don't know why. I'm very... very...very...HAPPY!!!! But... A little bit problem makes me angry. But, it's okay. I can handle it. But,something make me... ah... Confused... Like... my head is full of water... (?).. No.. no... no.. I little bit................................ (maybe you can guess it!!!) because my friend told me something bad. And I don't like it. Because it's to bad for me.It's NOT good....
I miss you very much.... But, I like makoto, not conan. Okay thats the point. Makoto, not conan... Hahahahahaha.... But, i always like conan. Very much. It's a good story, for our brain.



Hiks.. I'm very sad. Rain! I'm really happy if rain, korean artist, come to my house. But, the real rain come to my house! HUAAA! ONNIE! SAVE MY WORLD!(?)
(what's that mean?)And,my friend,make me very sad! Actually, that is a old story. em... Haish.. I can say that! sorry!

I Think... (?)


Happy birthday...

HURRAY..!! Today, I want say sangeil chukkai for many people..!!!
My Onnie, my grandma, and Key Oppa... He is from SHINee...

And, this is our birthday cake...

We must have a match for turn on this candle.... This is the match...

Wow... Surprise...
People A:  I want to go to the toilet...
People B: Of course..
At the toilet...

People A: OMG!!! Another surprise... Wow... This house is very perfect..

Sangeil Chukkai.....!!!!

Sangeil chukkai hamnida...
Sangeil chukkai hamnida...
Sarangheo Caca Onnie...
Sangeil chukkai hamnida...
Chukkaeyo, Onnie... Happy birthday... I hope you be a perfect people... Amin... Sangeil chukkai....... =D
(Sorry... I have one pictures of birthday cake. I making that pictures. Acctualy, I can use 'Insert Image', right? But... You know? It's ERROR... 'UNKNOWN OR UNSUPPORTED PICTURE FORMAT. YOUR PICTURE(S) WERE NOT UPLOADED.' So, I can't insert my pictures... Sorry, Onnie... =(.... )


Today, I want to post pictures of KyuChul, Kyuhyun and Heechul. I want to you see it... Let's see it...

It's KyuChul at Snow Dream mv.

See...Heechul it's like Kyuhyun girlfriend, right? Or Heechul like Kyuhyun older brother?{Aku berharap bahasa Inggrisku bener =(}

And this Heechul. Very cute, beautiful and handsome... *.*

And this is Kyuhyun. He is very handsome

That's it... Very cute right? Please comment, rokkugomarhemal!!!