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Argh .... I'm very annoyed. All my friends away from me. Nobody wants to play with me. Actually, there are some kids who want to play with me. But .... For some reason, (I will not mention her name) did not want to play with me. If I approached her, she would go away. When I greeted her, she will be turned away. I am very sad. I always wanted to cry. But, I'm also ashamed that I cried in public and my friends. More than anything else .... I was already in sixth grade. It must be very embarrassing if I cry just because a small problem.

I do not need to discuss issues like that again. But I did want to discuss the issue, because I want to have friends to talk about a sad and enjoyable experience.

Well ... I will continue the story.
During this fast, I must remain patient. But, after a long time is difficult to restrain my anger. Fortunately, I did not vent my anger at her. If I'm mad at her, my teacher would yell at me. So the story ...
had my friends were playing. She also joined. Now, before playing, I asked permission at my friends ..
"I may come into play, too?" I told them. Others are silent. While she answered.
"NO! You are not allowed to play!" She said firmly. I also walked away. I sincerely whatever he did. However, if every day like that, I was upset too at last. There is also another.
I was playing with my friends, and of course she was also involved. I asked....
Can I follow-up?" I asked.
"Ask him" my friend said.
"Ask him" She replied like that. As a result, I kept in such order. I was very upset. So, I will walk away.
"If not I'm also not allowed to play, anyway," I said, walking away.
My friends looked at me with surprise. I know I'm selfish. However, I am very upset for their actions. So, I will not play with them.

Well ... That's experience. Hopefully this does not happen to you. Sorry for my mistake if it were the words wrong. Do not forget ... Comments!