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Travel holiday part 2

Yups ... Now is the time to tell my trip from Jakarta to Surabaya. Hmm ... Should we start it! okay!

We departed from Jakarta, precisely at 10 morning. We begin our journey with songs that ... yah ... You could say, my favorite. I started to lay myself on the mattress that has been provided for me in the back of my car and singing along to the rhythm and lyric. Sometime later during the afternoon and entered the highway, I'm getting sleepy and my eyes open then closed again, and so on. Finally, I began to sleep soundly, even though the volume of the music was so loud. I was awake. I felt I just fell asleep about 15-20 minutes. But, you know? I slept more than 1 hour. Ouch ... I'm really confused because when awake, the dark sky made my head hit the ceiling of my car. My head feels very sick and dizzy. I like flying some where. "What's that noise?" Asked my father. Apparently, our car stopped because my sister and my mother stopped at a shop to buy drinks and snacks. "Ah .. That's fine. I just hit the ceiling of the car!" I said quietly. "Oh .. So, be careful" My father said, laughing. I just smiled, stroking my head that had been hit.

It was now 12 o'clock at night. We are looking for a hotel to stay in Pekalongan. Finally, we get a pretty decent hotel. Although less good, because the air was cool, I so fell in love with the hotel. What's more, there is a picture of puppets, which became my favorite. I was so tired and I immediately fell asleep.

The next day, we woke up early because we have to Sahur to continue fasting. After dawn, we returned to our room. I fell asleep again after a shower. After that, we immediately departed. We went on a long journey. Then,
we turn on the music again....

Moments later, we arrived in Surabaya. I stayed at my Mom Brother house during the day, after that I was staying at the house of another brother, and still in Surabaya during the day as well ... I played with cousin brother named Taqi. He always spelled like me, or even practically a twin to me. I'm very upset, but finally, I laughed too. Oh yes, there are the stories ... At that time, I was playing badminton with Taqi. Suddenly, the ball came into the house. We took it hard. Eventually it could, however, we were almost caught. We immediately ran away. We laughed loud in front of his house. "What is it? Why are you laughing so loud" Ask my sister. we can only answer "hahahahahaha ......"
Baca secara fonetik

I really enjoyed my trip to Surabaya. I want to stay in Surabaya. However, I can not. We must continue our journey. Goodbye ... Surabaya ...

* The story, like in the movies ..*