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This is a new mv of Super Junior M, Super girl.. Take a look..

And Henry Lau In Star King

Hhhh...I wish I can play violin like Henry. Amin...=(
Please comment...


Yesterday, I post video of DBSK and Super Junior. Now, I want post video of Mini DBSK... Hurray.. Now see it..

Moonbin(Mini Yunho)dancing at fanmeeting

SungWoong dance Tell Me

Moonbin at BBF as YiJu

He said "Ah~~" and just realized that they were filmed! >.<


Super Junior and DBSK video

Anyonghaseo... Hwehehehehe... Today, I want post some video. DBSK and Super Junior.. Take a look.. First DBSK.
1. Junsu's cuteness 44 XD

2. DBSG playing around in the radio room

Last Super Junior
1. [Mirrored] Dance Battle Rehearsal

2.Super Junior M- Me Chinese version

That's it... I hope you love it.. Please comment... =)

Super Junior

Hei.. I have a video SM Town live in bangkok. It's amazing!! Heechul oppa dancing to rainsm.. So, take a look...

See it? Awesome...!! Oh.. I have one video more.. Relay talk Kibum to Siwon.
Take a look..

That's it.. Please comment..!!:D


Hi.How are you?hwehehe...
Onnie,please find me a new friend. please!ya...ya... onnie,i want see your story of super junior. can I see it? NOW?
thank you.dont forget about comment!


Super Junior Couple

Hello.. How are you?? Hwehehehe.. Today, I want to post some pictures of Super Junior's couple. Hurray... Now, you can see it..
1. EunHae

2. TeukChul

3. KyuHae

4. EunMin

5. ShiChul

6. HanChul

7. EunWon

That's it... So, please comment.. And still love Super Junior..^.^

Happy birthday...

Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday... happy birthday..
Happy birthday to you..
Hurray... Happy birthday bintang... 
Your birthday is 7th september, right? But, I want say happy birthday now. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY..

Mo.. mo..